In an age where dinosaur theme parks and skydiving cars rule theatres across the globe, seeing Casablanca on this list reminds us that beautiful screenwriting is still appreciated. There’s an immortality to the script, every line brewing with wit, character, and subtext. From the “beginning of a beautiful friendship,” to the slyest of retorts (“I was misinformed,”), this is a piercing sword of cinema hammered by wordsmiths.


The Matrix

“Why not follow up our small-scale, cult lesbian heist film with a crazily ambitious epic that borrows heavily from decades of science fiction literature, manga, and more besides?” That’s how we picture the first conversation about The Matrix between the Wachowskis starting, anyway. “Let’s also invent a new visual action style, define a neo-goth wardrobe aesthetic, and elevate Keanu Reeves further into mega-stardom” must have been the reply. “Let’s pretend we have sequel ideas, too”.